Charles Nzila

Senior Researcher
Moi University, Kenya

Charles is a renewable energy and sustainable technologies expert with an emphasis on the promotion of sustainable energy, cleaner production and life cycle engineering in Africa. He has a strong background in applied research and sustainable development and is the founder of the Renewable and Sustainable Technologies (RenST) research group, and the Renewable Energy Database System for East Africa (REDSEA).

Charles’ research work is in the area of renewable and sustainable technologies. In the most recent years his research and consultancy interests have included: renewable energy and enhancing energy accessibility in Kenya, clean technology, sustainable development and life cycle analysis. Currently he is overseeing the establishment of the Renewable Energy Database System for East Africa (www.

Charles holds a PhD in Applied Science from Gent University.

Areas of expertise include:

  • Transition theory
  • Technology and sustainable assessment
  • Renewable energy
  • Energy poverty

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