Dominick Samoita

PhD Fellow
Moi University, Kenya

Dominick is an electrical engineer of repute who focuses on solving real engineering problems through innovation and research. He has a strong background in design, installation and commissioning of solar systems, electrical power and switching systems and has worked with community based organizations in rural Kenya, sensitizing them about solar energy as cheap and clean energy source. He has valuable practical experience from the private commercial sector prior to returning to academia.

His research interest is in the area of creative innovation, design and construction. Particular areas of research involve application of technologies that lead to poverty alleviation in rural Kenyan communities. Dominick focuses on packaging and disseminating information to create consumer awareness on economic potential offered by solar energy.

Dominick holds a MSc. degree in Electrical Engineering (ESIEE, Paris). His areas of Expertise include: Innovative Solar Systems, Design, Construction And Commissioning.

Dominick is a Lecturer at Deparment of Electrical and Communications Engineering, School of Engineering, Moi University.

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