Rebecca Hanlin

Innovation and Development Specialist

Rebecca is a science, technology and innovation policy expert with an emphasis on promoting innovation and business development opportunities for small and medium sized businesses in Africa. She has a strong background in managerial positions overseeing personnel and budgets in the private sector in Africa prior to returning to academia. She has also managed a number of research related responsibilities at the Open University and is providing innovation and development advice to the AfricaLics network of innovation scholars in Africa.

Rebecca has over twenty years experience working in developing countries from Cuba to Nigeria. In Africa she has predominately lived and worked in Tanzania and Kenya. Her research work is in the area of innovation and development. Rebecca currently directs the ESRC Innogen Centre’s Health Innovation work ( and is co-leader of a new OU programme called Innovation for Pro-poor Growth. Rebecca has worked at the African Centre for Technology Studies (ACTS) since 2013 as an Innovation and Development Specialist with a remit to build research capacity on innovation in Africa as part of the Africalics Secretariat.

Rebecca holds a PhD In Science and Technology Studies (Edinburgh).

Rebecca's areas of expertise are:

  • Below The Radar Innovation
  • Inclusive Innovation
  • Capacity Building

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