IREK Report No. 3

Collaboration and capabilities in Kenya’s wind and solar industries: perception of stakeholders

IREK specifically, aims at generating evidence-based recommendations focusing on development of requisite skills and capabilities in Kenya that would enhance uptake of those technologies. To this end, a survey of stakeholders’ perceptions of the field was undertaken with 91 policy-makers, energy professionals and academics from across the renewable energy sector in Kenya. The survey focused on use and practices of wind and solar technologies; current policies for solar PV and wind energy in Kenya and current barriers to diffusion of technologies in these fields. Overall, practical lessons and recommendations can be drawn from this survey. The challenges encountered especially at the data collection and analysis stage; and the inconclusive results around local & international actors’ role in the sector’s capabilities building shall inform next steps in the subsequent project’s activities. This includes strategic interventions that can enhance collaborations and capability building for improved and inclusive growth in the renewable energy sector especially in Kenya.


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