IREK Working Paper No. 9
A capability approach for the analysis of renewable electrification

Charles Nzila and Michael Korir

Renewable electrification (RE), particularly improved and sustained access to cleaner electricity, remains central in virtually every major developmental agenda in the world today. In this regard, Kenya has set a target of achieving universal electricity access by the year 2030. Motivated by Kenya’s ambitious target, this working paper focuses on solar, wind, small hydro, biogas and geothermal energy projects and firms in Kenya with the main goal being to employ a survey framework to analyze renewable electrification processes in Kenya. Specifically, the working paper seeks to present the nexus within and across the renewable business/project activities and the development of capabilities against the outcomes and influencing factors. In addition, the working paper also presents the interactions and necessary capabilities for further advancement. The working paper clarifies and unpacks the insights from both a theoretical and a survey setting while presenting the interactions among the various actors in the RE landscape and highlighting the necessary capabilities for further advancement. The working paper is further elaborated in separate publications by the authors. The findings presented in this working paper have pertinent ramifications on the renewable electrification landscape in Kenya and will inform the actors and interventions geared towards enhancing renewable electrification in Kenya.


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